Transword Translations

Transword is a translation agency based in Barcelona with over 20 years’ experience in bringing people together through our linguistic services. At Transword Translations, our clients have an expert team of professionals available: qualified native translators, editors and interpreters who carry out the meticulous work of conveying the same ideas in different languages. Transword Translations stands out for its speed and high-quality.


Translation services

We translate all kinds of documents, whatever the layout may be, from legal texts to audio-visual material. We also work with every language combination, from the most sought after, such as English, French and German, to the more exotic such as Farsi and Swahili.


Claims, decisions and judgements, certificates, expert reports, contracts, deeds, wills and policies, etc.


Birth certificates, academic transcripts, articles of association, passports, Apostilles of the Hague Convention and certificates etc.


Audit reports, financing agreements, company presentations, banking information and annual accounts etc.

Icono médico

Scientific articles, pharmaceutical leaflets, clinical and laboratory trials, medical reports and patents etc.