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As an agency dedicated to providing translation and interpretation services, we work for companies from every sector that assign projects to us related to any specialised field. We have been providing our clients with the services of our most qualified professionals for over 20 years. Quality and experience go hand-in-hand with new technologies and that is why the largest and most important international law firms place their trust in us.

We are also able to offer translations in every language combination, since we have enough native professionals to be able to meet our clients’ demands. Our goal is to make your job easier.

Our team is available every day so that it can meet the needs of the sectors that never take a break. Request our translation or interpretation services at any time and we will reply immediately.

Languages we offer

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Legal translation

For over 20 years, we have worked with the largest and most important national and international law firms specialised in different sectors. Our extensive experience in this field of work has led us to consider it our area of expertise, along with the financial sector. We rely on qualified, professional, legal translators who are trained to handle complex legal texts related to different fields of the law, such as procedural, commercial and tax law. They are qualified to translate various kinds of legal documents, for example claims, expert reports, contracts, deeds, certificates, insurance policies or wills.
Our clients are guaranteed invaluable assistance when it comes to managing the most complex cross-border regulatory or legal issues and settling international disputes.


Official translation

When handling documents with public authorities and bodies, it is usually required that the translation is signed and stamped by an official translator so that the documents are legally valid in Spain as well as abroad. Official translations must not be confused with legal translations since, although they often go hand-in-hand, one does not always imply the other. At Transword, we work with a team of qualified official translators who work in various language combinations and are authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sign, stamp and certify both the translations and the original documents. We provide a range of official translations for individuals, companies and law firms, such as birth certificates, academic transcripts, criminal records, passports, deeds, Apostilles of the Hague Convention, certificates, articles of association among many others.


Financial translation

Financial translation is one of the most requested services at our agency since the analyses, contracts and balance sheets, among others, represent a necessity and, at the same time, an opportunity for companies to consolidate and expand their position world-wide.
Our proven experience in the legal sector goes hand-in-hand with our skills in the financial field, two very closely related areas. Banks, insurance companies and lawyers place their trust in us every day to provide them with high-quality translations of their financial-economic documents, such as audit reports, contracts and annual accounts etc., always complying with the NDAs we have signed with our clients.
At Transword, the translators that work on these kinds of documents have expert knowledge in economics and finance and are proficient in the specialised terminology; there is therefore no risk of any ambiguity and you can be sure the final translation is error-free.

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Medical and scientific translation

Documents related to the medical and pharmaceutical field require the use of specific terms that only a translator specialised in this field would know. When we talk about scientific translation we are normally referring to several disciplines in particular, each one with its own characteristics, such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, veterinary science and many more. It is important to remember that in these kinds of texts, whether they are scientific articles, pharmaceutical leaflets, medical trials, medical reports, patents or advertising material for pharmaceutical products; even the slightest mistake could have serious consequences. At Transword, we depend on a professional team of linguists who are specialised in these matters and can guarantee accuracy, terminological rigour and that the translation is faithful to the original text. Our guarantee can be seen by our clients’ trust, which include large pharmaceutical companies and medical institutes, along with over 20 years’ experience in this sector.


Technical translation

At Transword Translations, we translate technical and specialised documents such as manuals, user instructions or guides, catalogues, data sheets and technical specifications and patents and we are perfectly aware of the importance of these kinds of documents for the industrial and technical sector. We rely on a team of professionals who are specialised in various disciplines and, whatever the field of expertise may be, from engineering and mechanics to electronics or renewable energy, they adapt to the text in order to ensure an accurate translation. The use of translation software and technical glossaries guarantees the high-quality and speed that characterises Transword, respecting the specific features of these kinds of documents. All the texts are also thoroughly edited and revised to ensure that not even the slightest detail is missed.

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Software and website translation

70% of users prefer browsing a website in their own language and that is why, nowadays, translating websites is no longer a choice for businesses, it is a real necessity. Transword provides a translation, localisation and internationalisation service of websites, software and online shops, among others, so that your products and services reach every market. Our experts in localisation can open your business to potential customers and the global market. A good international image is the basis for the success of your business and we, at Transword, can make this possible. Translating microsites is an area we often work on, involving localisation and marketing. Moreover, in order to meet the demands of a market in which mobile apps are booming, we manage the translation and localisation of apps, as well as descriptions in the app store.


Advertising and marketing translation

Translating an advertising message not only means that the translators must be proficient in the language, but they must also use creativity and imagination to maintain the communicative impact of the original message in another language. At Transword, we work with professionals who are more than capable of dealing with content related to advertising, marketing, tourism, hospitality and leisure in general. Our clients come from a range of different sectors, from film producers to airlines, and we offer them the opportunity to communicate clearly, correctly and directly with their customers, following the brand’s guidelines and respecting “namings”. The success of businesses in these sectors depends on the audience they reach; therefore, suitability and accuracy are extremely important because it is not simply a matter of translating information about the product, it is also about maintaining its appeal.


Audio-visual translation

Whether it is meant for television or a company’s corporate video, subtitling or dubbing is a key factor that allows your content to reach a wider audience so that your business can go global. For companies that are keen on promoting their image on foreign markets, there is nothing worse that the incorrect use of the language of the country where they wish to expand. For this reason, Transword provides a high-quality service which is carried out by a team of specialised translators that has the software as well as the knowledge required to ensure a high-quality audio-visual translation.
We handle the entire spotting, subtitling and transcription process for videos, public announcements, films, documentaries or corporate videos. We also offer localisation of e-learning products and educational multimedia.

Iconos revisión


At Transword, our translations always consist of two stages in which two different professionals take part: on the one hand, there is the translation stage and, on the other, there is the editing and proofreading of the coherency, style and spelling. Our clients ask us to revise content that is translated either by third parties or by themselves. In these cases, the quote often varies depending on the quality of the translation and the difficulty of the text. Do not give your customers the wrong impression by making a mistake in one of your texts.

Iconos transcripción


We can convert any audio format or video to text with the speed and accuracy that characterises Transword Translations. We transcribe conferences, meetings and audio-visual products in various languages and types, such as generic transcription, interviews, medical or legal transcriptions.
Trust us with your audio or video files and in return, you will receive a high-quality text. Furthermore, and at the client’s request, we can also translate these transcriptions.



Transword has qualified and specialised interpreters in order to ensure smooth communication at all times. We offer simultaneous, liaison, consecutive and official interpretations, whether in courts, at conferences or meetings. We know how important face-to-face communication is and the value of presenting a good image to international clients: to achieve this goal, rigour and discretion are our strong points. With extensive training and years of experience, we can offer you the best interpreters. There are various kinds of interpretation: simultaneous interpretation (the interpreter translates what the speaker says in real time), consecutive interpretation (the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause before interpreting part of the speech) and liaison interpretation (the interpreter speaks to establish communication between the two parties).

Why choose Transword Translations?

Translation is often considered a meeting point that helps us to bring together different realities through language. At Transword Translations, we take this concept very seriously; we therefore work to make our translations the communicative link that our clients are seeking.

Always on time

We always try to adapt to our client’s deadline and needs in order to deliver a high-quality translation within the agreed time frame.

Reasonable prices

We prepare our quotes depending on the characteristics of each document. We are able to offer the best price/quality ratio thanks to working for more than 20 years on the market.


We treat every document with the utmost confidentiality, always respecting the privacy of our clients and signing NDAs with our collaborators.

Maximum quality

Our aim is to ensure the highest quality of all our translations. Our team of experts will ensure that goal is achieved.