About us

Behind every good job is a great team. The quality of our translations is a reflection of the people who work in our company, each one a specialised professional in their field with many years of experience.

Project manager

The Project Manager

The think tank

You will often find them in their natural habitat, in other words nose-deep in the emails arriving and keeping in touch with our clients at all times; whatever they need, you can be certain that the project managers will deliver. They are the driving force behind each project; they organise the interpretations, assign translation tasks and ensure everything goes to plan – they know the project inside out.

Transword - El interprete

The Interpreter

A good ear and a fast mind

The way their brain is wired means our interpreters can listen to one language and reproduce what they hear in another. They are the client’s right-hand man, assisting them at meetings, international events or court appearances so that they do not miss a thing. With their help, our clients no longer need to play a game of charades in order to be understood.

Transword - El traductor

The Translator

The one with nerves of steel

The translator is always on the ball, even when faced with obstacles that would throw anyone off balance. The translator is not fazed by even the most demanding texts; instead they see it as a new challenge worthy of being added to their list of achievements. The dictionary is their bible and coffee their fuel.

Transword - El revisor

The Editor

The all-seeing eye

No redundancy will slip past their eagle eye. Their job is to comb through the text and compare it with the original in the search for any possible consistency errors such as calques and false friends.

Transword - El corrector

The Proof-Reader

The acid test

The proof-reader is an expert in the target language. They are always up-to-date on spelling rules and have built-in radar that helps them detect spelling and stylistic mistakes. They add the finishing touches to the translation, ensuring it is absolutely perfect.

Transword - Traductor jurado

The official translator

The authority

The official translators are the ones who certify documents with their stamp and signature and make them valid before any judge. They are the notaries of the translation world and have seen more Apostilles and legalisations in their lifetime than any other court official.

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